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After completing Monkey Madness second part hunters can access these creatures in Kruk's Dungeon. Since bananas are required to OSRS gold lure Monkeys it would be best to bring nature, earth and water runes that allow players to cast the Bones to Bananas spell.

That way you don't be worried about not having enough bananas hunting in this spot. To set traps , climb up on Stunted Demonic gorillas Once your bananas are gone, you'll have to quit the area in order to cast the Bones To Bananas again. While you grind, you are able to get Monkey Tail which can be offered via Grand Exchange for around 500k.

If you're in the 80 Hunter level and have at least 31 points in Herblore ability, you can begin taking herbs from these beasts. When you grind you'll gain not only the experience required to master both skills, but also plants that can later be sold or used. If you are looking to enhance the two skills, it may be beneficial to make use of magical secateurs. There's a good chance of receiving Herblore related pet called Herbi as you hunt this spot. To find boars you need to complete the Bone Voyage quest and head to Fossil Island.

Implings are creatures that can be found in random locations around the world , as well as in Puro-Puro which is the homeworld for implings. Implings can be caught just like butterflies all you need is net and impling jar. The possibility exists to capture them even without those items but anyone who wishes to attempt this needs to be 10 levels above normally.

To begin learning to dance implings players must first get to Puro-Puro as there aren't any reliable impling spawns outside of it. To be able to teleport to this area, players need to have reached 17 levels of Hunter and buy OSRS GP then locate one of implings dancing across the wheat field.