Well Im just going to generate a list of things I think could be helpful t

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I got the idea OSRS GP from my buddies that are almost all fishermen on Runescape. Actually I got the notion directly in my friend a couple of days back. Concept: The idea is that in designated areas (like a normal fishing pit ) on an area like the iceberg in which the Hunting Tutor is, you can chop a hole in the ice to fish.

How it would work: You'd probably need a heavy duty rod like a barbarian one for example to get this done. You'd take any hatchet and chop a whole in the ice. For bait you would take cooked meat (beef or keep ) and chop it up into pieces using a knife. You would then fish throughout the hole with the bait and rod. *the lure is stackable(thanx Super wii)

Fish: I suggest that shark, salmon, eel, cod, and pike be caught using this method. (All using the meat lure rather than feathers). Freeze Over: Following thirtyseconds of not fishing through it the pit will freeze over, forcing you to chop a new gap. This won't effect skillers who do not run off to cook or market their own fish so long as you continue to fish there.

Well Im just going to generate a list of things I think could be helpful to upgrade. Update old agility cartoons, they're awkward. Make hp meter green when poisoned, because people miss the tiny text alot("you've been poisoned!") Druids arms . . .disproportional. Make fires appear more realistic, rather than having the exact same fire every time. (not necessary tho) Change 2h stance back to over shoulder, the new one seems kinda goofy with stuff and running. (keep for godswords though) Have max pursuit points shown, such as - 184/250 pursuit points or something. Or cheap RS gold have # of quests completed/# of quests.